Should you trust a vacuum pump for penis enlargement - reviews from doctors and men

Vacuum pump to increase the length and diameter of the penis

Interest in the size of one's own penis in men supersedes everything: even football and fishing. The sheer size of one’s self-esteem causes massive complexes, which, in addition to psychological negativity, actually affect sex life. Therefore, both traditional healers and medicine have come up with a lot of interesting things for the growth of the genital organ.

LOD therapy, phallodecompression, hyperemization are well-known medical terms. But we won’t burden you and talk specifically about pumping in simple but censored language. At the same time, we will prove that it works.

Does she make your penis bigger?

The technique is implemented on the basis of vascular techniques.

To make it clearer, here is how it works:

  • the phallus is placed in a flask where negative pressure is applied;
  • the pressure provokes blood flow to the penis, an erection occurs;
  • a forced rush of blood activates inactive capillaries. Increases lymph and blood circulation;
  • as a bonus, nerve receptors are irritated, from them impulses go to the spinal cord and brain;
  • the central nervous system reacts to what is happening with a strong erection and vivid sensations during sex.

NUPers have adapted the use of a pump for penis enlargement.

The principle of operation of a vacuum pump that can enlarge the penis

The difference is:

  • types of different flasks– this applies to the diameter and length of the cylinder. A good flask is 5 mm longer than the erect length of the organ. Feel free to add 2 cm to this if you are overweight. This way you will maintain the size by pressing into the fat layer in the pubic area;
  • exercise duration– Let us explain that 10-15 minutes are enough for an erection to occur. Penis growth is achieved through sessions of several hours with short rest breaks.

The entire circulatory system in the genital area receives a load, and at the same time, there is intense stretching of the membrane and spongy body of the organ. Systematic procedures increase the phallus by 2 cm in length.

Choose the correct dimensions of the flask according to your size. The device must be designed for long-term training. It is available in air pumping systems.

A few words about diameter

The diameter of the flask strongly influences the growth of the phallus.

A member in a vacuum pump that increases the size of the organ

Based on this, let's say:

  • if you want to modify the length, take a narrow cylinder (+2-4 cm to your own circumference). This will direct the pulling force;
  • if you need an impressive girth, take a wide specimen (+4-6 cm). This way the phallus will be able to swell.

In the matter of enlargement, systems in which the penis dangles like a pencil are powerless.

Real customer reviews

We talked to pump owners. They told a lot of interesting things.

  • "I initially believed in the logic of pumping and took a model to work out the length of the penis. In 3 months, having a penis of 14. 5 cm, I brought it to 19. I started training gradually, pumping up a larger vacuum every week. It was possible to avoid the influx of lymph and loss of erection. I wasn't lazy to practice other techniques. Practiced Yuli, Jelk.

    For those who want real results, I advise you not to give up and work hard and for a long time. My experience shows that this is at least 2 hours a day for six months. You can break your workouts into sets of 5-10 minutes. Only in this way will temporary growth become permanent and irreversible. To avoid losing your erection, use your hands. Manual techniques work wonders. "

  • "I’ve been pumping for a long time and have gained decent experience. Exercises with a pump increased my penis from 14 to 18 cm. I worked only in length; I was never particularly interested in volume. I've had my last flask for two months. This is an air vent that I am ready to recommend to absolutely everyone.

    At first I tried the water analogue, but after 40 minutes I got a measly 0. 5 cm under it. This went on for three weeks. Then he gave the member a rest and began sets with an air sample. Today I train 3 times a week and continue to see clear gains. In a couple of months I will use the device only for prevention. "

  • "I advise you to first purchase the simplest option. This will help you understand whether this method is right for you or not. I liked it right away; in the first days I felt an unusual load. Without pills I got a strong erection and improved libido. The only thing was that during the first procedures the lymph was seriously gushing, but a simple condom solved this problem.

    Now I combine pumping with manual techniques. Mainly I practice Jelq. In fact, it gave me rapid growth and a powerful boost in stretching. My 12. 5 cm after 5 months turned into 14. 7. A worthy alternative to hyaluronic acid injections, stretchers, extenders. "

Reviews from urologists

We have collected several interesting medical opinions on this matter.

  • "The basis for increasing penis length is traction. This is what stimulates tissue growth. I recommend using drug-assisted pumping. Thus, the growth rate of the cavernous bodies will be comparable to the rate of stretching of the tunica albuginea, which means there will be a real increase.

    To select a training regimen and medication, consult your doctor. You will not find medications on the market; they are only dispensed in medical institutions as prescribed by a urologist. You shouldn’t rush to choose a pump either. In my practice, Chinese cylinders easily deprived men of potency. The consequences of the savings will have to be treated long and hard. "

  • "Real growth of the phallus without surgery is provided only by mechanical devices. I recommend considering this direction. The correct pump works for a pronounced increase without pain, provided that the man is healthy. The technique does not require drastic adjustments to your usual lifestyle and can be successfully implemented at home, in slippers and a robe.

    The only significant competition for flasks and pumps is extenders and stretchers. I can say that the effect of pumping is less persistent, but in return there is a more rapid increase in the diameter of the organ, that is, in thickness. In my patients, I observe a pronounced enlargement of the head. Particular success is achieved in a combination of pump and extender training. "

  • "The vacuum method of penis enlargement is a safe, non-surgical method. Hyperemization (treatment with local negative pressure) gradually stretches the tissue and allows an average increase of 2-3 cm to be achieved. The standard program lasts for a year.

    In the first 3 months, training is carried out every day, then it is enough to practice the technique once every 3 days, in sets of 30 minutes. Choose only original pumps, they are approved by medical experts, tested and do not cause side effects. "

Why should you buy an air pump?

The mechanism itself is a simple pump and cylinder system. WeWe recommend purchasing this thing for every practicing NUPer. It works great solo and increases the effectiveness of techniques (clamping, jelqing).

There is a powerful synergistic effect, the minimum increase is 2 cm in length, 0. 5 cm in girth. Experienced comrades achieve more impressive achievements and rejoice at 4-5 cm plus.


If you select a pump to suit your own parameters, it will work efficiently on the organ and increase its size. We advise you not to save money - in intimate matters this backfires. Purchase the device only from trusted manufacturers.